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Friday, September 26, 2014


On September 1st I took on a challenge I thought would be extremely rewarding. Two weeks after my 70 mile Fat Dog adventure I decided to take on REDFAM - Run Every Day For A Month.
I was excited to get back running after two weeks off - and what better way to get back to running than doing it everyday?
It's safe to say that after twenty-five straight days of running - only 5 days away from making the full month - I'm giving up.
Though I'm not sure giving up is the right way to put it.
Running everyday is HARD!
It wasn't long until my legs were sore. Every. Day.
It's hard to be motivated to run the next day when your legs are still sore from the day before. And the day before that. And the day before that.
Long runs became nearly impossible - and I began to settle for shorter and shorter runs.
Lesson learned: you don't need to run every day to be well trained. I certainly don't!
So tomorrow I will be proud and somewhat relieved to take a much needed day off - and rest up for a nice long weekend run! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

RED FAMished

That was one tough month! Although it started out slow, it really ended with a bang. And I did manage to hit my goal of 250 miles for the month, though that wasn't without some difficulty as I had to put in two long days of running back to back this past Monday and Tuesday.

Here's what I learned from running everyday and from trying to go for a distance goal for the month.

First, it really does become a routine to at least go for a short run every day - I would get off work, lace up my shoes rain or shine and get out there. It was a nice addition to my day.

That being said, running everyday is not conducive to doing really long runs, the ones that are important for ultra training. Having to go every day means that you don't have adequate time to recover if you do a long one, plus housework and other stuff like that can really pile up if you don't have days during the week when you don't do anything. All that combined meant I did fewer days of 12-20 miles than I would with a normal training schedule.

All this RED FAMing meant I was quite RED FAMished! Seriously, I didn't think my appetite would increase that much seeing as I run all the time normally, but it definitely did. I even found myself ordering multiple entrees when we went out for dinner one night. This month was not friendly to the grocery bill.

Mileage for month of April (distances in miles)
The last thing that became apparent from running every day, is the need for multiple pairs of shoes. It's really not ideal to run in the same pair every day, it's just  uncomfortable!

Hopefully you can learn something from my experience of running every day for a month, I know I sure have!
Now to rest up for this weekend's Club Fat Ass North Shore Enduro 6hr race...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

RED FAM - Still Streaking

We're half way through April and I'm still going strong. The RED FAM (run every day for a month) streak is now at 15 days, for a total of 112 miles. I had started off April with a slow week, but I'm building again and hope to hit 250 miles for the month.That might be tough though, because despite getting into a routine of running every day, some days are harder than others to get off the couch. This was especially evident in the two days following a 25 mile run. It always feels amazing once you're out there, just takes some motivation! So, to any of you streakers out there, keep streaking! We're halfway there!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

RED FAM: A Perfectly Foolish Thing to Start on April 1st

Run Every Day For A Month, or RED FAM, has been going around the running community for some time now, and has been something I've largely ignored (possibly due to the fact I couldn't figure out what RED FAM stood for). But with each each passing month a new opportunity came and went, an opportunity to start something ambitious and possibly a little foolish. This time, instead of ignoring it, I'm jumping on board.
I'm not sure why this sounds like a good idea, it's probably not. Maybe it's this warm sunny day reminding me of spring and all the running still to be done in the sun, or maybe it's because it's April Fool's Day and I'm a bit of a fool, or maybe it's that the 400 miles I've ran since Jan 1st this year is a little inspiring... No matter the reason, I'm going to give this a shot. I may not be able to run every day, but maybe that's not really the point. The point being instead that it's important to make a routine of your running, and RED FAM is just a really good motivator.

I'll try and post periodic updates of how my month of running is going, starting with today:
Day 1 was 7 miles through the trails of Pacific Spirit Park, including some trails I'd never ran before!

I encourage you to try RED FAM on your own! Or if you don't think you can run every day of the week, try making a routine of your running and sticking to it! Start with 3 or 4 days of the week and be consistent, you'll be surprised at what you can achieve.