Friday, May 31, 2019

Follow us - Cycling Van to San Fran!

We're back!

The last year came with a whirlwind of changes. Starting a new job gave me an opportunity to bike to work, which led to buying a new bike, which led to a whole new world of adventures! I even named my beautiful bike Magic Carpet (MC) because it can show me the world!
We did our first 100k ride in April, and haven't looked back since! We rode to bellingham for deep dish pizza, to Chilliwack for Indian Food, and to Steveston for fish and chips. We should probably put a sign on our bikes that says "Will ride anywhere for food!"

We didn't do it all for the food. We did it in preparation for our next adventure - bike touring the West Coast!! We leave tomorrow!

We're going to attempt to blog as we go, so you can follow along instead of the usual suspense of waiting until we get around to writing about it 3 months later....

Enjoying the forest roads on our recent trip to Saturna Island
Here's the plan:
May 31: We're almost all packed. Chris is packing the last of our gear while I sit on the couch writing into the abyss (typical).
June 1: WE RIDE. Oh wait. Chris has an 8 am exam. THEN WE RIDE (Intended to be read as if we're headed into battle, I've been reading the Red Riding Trilogy... Read it!). Day 1 - Vancouver to Victoria
June 2: Chris volunteers at the Victoria Ironman.... why is he so high maintenance? I just want to go already!
June 3: Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles
June 3 - 30: Bike, Eat, Sleep, Explore, Eat, Bike, Sleep, Explore - WAHOOOOO!
July 1 - Hope we have made it to San Fran to we can fly back to Van! Arrive in Van around 10 PM. Hope we can put our bikes back together and make it home to get some sleep.
July 2 - I go to work. Chris has the week off. Life isn't always fair.