Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bagel Chase 2014 - Day 3 & 4

The Trail Effect Blog - Chris Cochrane running with the Bagel Chase Bagel Buddy
Running with the Bagel Chase Bagel Buddy
After Days 1 and 2, Jenna and I (Chris) were both in the lead for most laps in a day, most laps per person and our team, Laps of Judgement, was leading by 2 laps over team VanRun. Turned out that days three and four were just as exciting and intense as days one and two!

On Monday, I did a total of 7 laps, while Jenna rested up from the massive day of running on Sunday. Despite still being in the lead as individuals, our team slipped to second spot as we were 3 laps behind VanRun.

Day four however saw us slip quite a ways behind team VanRun in the team standings as Craig ran for the better part of the day and made up a few laps on my weekly total. This was compounded by the other very strong runners on their team who all made an appearance for some part of the day.

I did hit a couple personal milestones on day four though as I did 6 laps on top of my week-long total of 31, bringing me to 37 laps. This puts me at 115 miles for the week, and I'm currently tied with last year's week-long individual total! And there are still 3 days to go!
As for teammates that were out pounding the pavement, Adrienne and I walked one lap together at the start of the evening and Jenna came out and walked with me after volunteering with her Girl Guide group ended. Clovis was also out there running while I was. Earlier in the day Tom and Heather both did a few laps. Even with all that our team totals are no match for team VanRun.

I know we have a couple runners on our team that are planning big lap days today or Friday, we'll just have to see if that's enough to keep up with the other crazies out there! As a small victory it's nice to know that our outstanding showing on the weekend has forced the other teams to really step up their running if they want to win.

More updates will be posted in the coming days, and if you need to find us, you'll know where we'll be! Chasing Bagels!


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