Friday, March 7, 2014

How NOT to train for your first 50k.

It's the night before my first 50k...

Here's how I planned my training per week:
- 2x trail runs in the north shore mountains
- 1x long weekend run
- 1x short quick run
- 2x ultimate games

Here's how it actually went:
- Signed up for Bagel Chase (See post here)
- Day 1 (Feb 1st): Ran 40k with a nice 7k hike in the middle.
- Day 2: Tried to set course record by running as many laps as I could in a day, successfully completed 16 laps (80k)
- Took next 4 weeks off of running due to overuse of my right tibialis anterior (surprise!)
- Completed a 1 hour run, one week before the race (success!)
- Was ridiculously sore from that run, and had pain in the ball of my left foot (likely from overcompensating for the other leg for a month)
- Two days later tried second run - with less success than the first - barely made it an hour due to general soreness and pain in my foot (On the bright side, my tib. ant was okay!)
- Spent rest of week freaking out, trying to figure out if the pain in my foot is a sign I shouldn't be doing the race
- Decide to do the race anyways

I'll let you know how it goes after the race tomorrow!


PS - Who's idea was this?
PPS - Why must there be a heavy rainfall warning?
PPPS - Somebody save me!


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  1. YEAHHHH!!! YOU DID IT!! I KNEW YOU WOULD!! Now you just get to DOUBLE that for June 7th.
    Good Lucky Crrrrrrazy JB Running Girl!! Hugs, from BC-Runs-funny