Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recommended Read - Relentless Forward Progress

Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons by Bryon Powell is a great read for both beginners who are just plain bored of marathons, and those looking for tips and tricks to help them through their next race.It includes stories from well known ultra runners, training schedules for different length races, tips on what gear to carry, how to keep properly fueled, and how to deal with common injuries!

To encourage you to read the book, I'll only share with you a few things I enjoyed, as well as a few links you might find useful.

Reasons why you should read this book:
1. It makes running ultras more approachable to everyone. How many times have you had someone look at you like you're crazy when you tell them how far you run? Then you tell them they could do it too and they don't believe you. But here it is in writing: It's okay to walk in ultras too, its just one big adventure, so what's stopping you from getting out there?!
2. This paragraph: "There will be trying times in an ultra, but enjoy what you can of it. Take in the scenery. Talk with friends and strangers alike. Lose yourself in thought or zone out. Marvel at your accomplishments or laugh at your foolishness. Laugh. If it's a rainy mess, jump in some puddles. If it's hot, jump in a stream. Let out a triumphant cheer at the top of a climb and a joyous holler as you fly down a hill. Be a kid. Be happy."
Does this not make you want to get out there and run?!
3.The best line in the book is "Lube it, cover it, or adjust it". Okay maybe that's not the best line, but it can save you a lot of post-race (or during race) pain!
4. It introduces the idea of endurance snowshoeing in the winter, as well as fastpacking!

Useful Links:
-The Authors website:
-General resources: (Particularly for this article if you're just getting in to ultras "The Ultimate Running Experience: Completing your First Ultra-Marathon" by David Horton)
-Feet troubles? Try

Spring has sprung! Now get out there and run happily through the mud!

Thank you Tim for passing along a great read!

-J.B. Running

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