Tuesday, December 24, 2013

T minus 4 days to Volcanoland!

We've been in Hawaii for 4 days now.
It's hot, humid, there is little water to be found.
It feels like we've been stuck out here for days.

Alright so its not quite like that...
It's beautiful and sunny here, and we wake up to the sounds of birdies outside our window.
In four days, we will be taking on the epic 34 mile run up Haleakala. (We had to push back the run by a day due to a change in the 'free maitais by the pool' from the 25th to the 26th)

The Trail Effect Blog - Haleakala Volcano
10,000 feet up to the top of Mount Crumpet (Haleakala)

Yesterday we got up and ran for an hour bright and early in the morning. By 8:00 am it was already warm and humid enough that we were dripping sweat.
Consider me a little skeptical at this point.
We only ran for an hour, and I was sweating like crazy and had some trouble setting into a comfortable breathing pattern.


So I leave today for a short run to see if I can control my breathing a little better as to survive an 8 hour trek uphill!



  1. You can do it J.B. You have trained hard and heck it's only a little more than a marathon...of course all uphill and hot and humid...but heck if it was easy you couldn't call it an Epic run.a question though...why did you call it Mount Crumpet?

  2. Thanks for your support!! Maybe if we're lucky we'll get some nice misty rain to keep us cool! I called it mount crumpet because we had just watched the grinch!!

  3. Hey J.B. A big Congrats to you & Chris on a very tough run! You are one tough little lady...You never cease to amaze me! I was secretly hoping we'd scrap that absurdity and head to the beach when Chris was choking and retching. Well you got your wish of some nice misty rain...but that wind blowing the rain cooled things off a tad too much. I never thought we'd be that cold in Hawaii. Luckily the rain was somewhat short-lived. It was a pleasure to accomplish that crazy goal with you and Chris! Cheers Brad