Who We Are

Who do you think you are? I AM!  For a bit of context, have a quick look at this video.
To you, it may just look like a crazy guy who is WAY too into bowling. Which I'll give you, because it is.
But to us, its so much more. We see passion for a sport. A sport that he clearly loves. Even though people think he's a little crazy, and they might not quite understand the joy in it.
That's what running is to us, and that's how we got here!
That is correct, we love running so much, that after every run we jump up and down yelling nonsensical, yet surprisingly inspirational, things. Okay, maybe not after every run...
In all seriousness, we are just two (relatively) normal people who love to get out onto the trails and run until we can't run anymore! Or until we run out of food.

Both from the small city of Penticton, B.C., we (Chris and Jenna) moved to Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia. In 2013, Chris completed a BSc and MSc and is now studying medicine. Jenna is currently working as an engineering consultant after receiving her degree in Geological Engineering.

It was here at UBC that we began trail running, starting with the small trails in Pacific Spirit Park, and eventually exploring the vast and seemingly endless trails on the North Shore.

Why The Name?
We came up with a number of ideas while trying to think of a name for this blog, some were clever, while others were decidedly not. Trail Effect was finally accepted and chosen for a couple of reasons:

My first thought was that 'trail effect' is an excellent term to describe the inability to accurately perceive or gauge time/speed while trail running. I have often found myself running along, engrossed in my thoughts, only to realize that it has been an hour or more since I looked at my watch. Or, as J.B.Running said after our recent Phantom Trail Race, "It felt so short", despite running for almost 3 hours!

The second reason that we chose Trail Effect was because this is the name for the visual effect of adding trails (i.e. ghosts or blurs) to quickly moving objects, and we'd like think that we run fast enough that others see us as blurred ghosts in the forest. Though, that may just be wishful thinking!

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