Monday, June 10, 2019

Day 9 - Cape Disappointment to Fort Stevens

It's sunny!!!
We have a lazy morning and pack up slowly as the last of our laundry dries.

We finally understand the name of the park, because we are quite disappointed to be leaving while there's so much more to explore.

We head out mid-morning and are treated to rolling hills, with a view of the 4 mile long bridge to Astoria. We get to go through our first tunnel, and it was as fun as it sounds. We pressed the bikes in tunnel light and held up an RV which was already holding up traffic. SO FUN! ..But it was actually really cool.

We pass through McGowan, and wave hello to Chris' ansestry - though there seems to be no resemblance here but the name.

The 4 mile bridge to Astoria was also rather fun, except for the hill on the far side! There was more shoulder on the bridge than a lot of the highway, and traffic was light.


Astoria has a Sunday market and lots of breweries and cideries. We find a nice cafe for lunch and people watch for a bit. I want to stay and eat kettle corn and cotton candy, but the wind is blowing unfavourably to get to our camp, so we reluctantly leave town.

We have a headwind for the last 10 miles to camp as we pass through a few more small towns on our way to Fort Stevens.

Today ends up being 30 miles and not the 22 we were promised. But it's okay. We aren't bitter at all. And our butts aren't at all sore. Ok maybe a little, but it's actually too sunny and beautiful out to be anything more than a little miffed.

We set up camp - we have pick of the hiker biker sites yet again... Where are you bikers? - and head out to the beach to see an old shipwreck and watch some kite surfers.

Oh yeah - the campsite has lockers with charging stations and again... showers!!!!

While eating dinner, a couple bikers roll in and set up. We chat for a bit. They're retired and spending a year or two biking all over the country. Sign me up!

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