Friday, June 7, 2019

Day 5 - Kalaloch to Lake Quinault

Today we had a nice short day - only 34 miles!

We have lost our glorious sunshine to typical overcast wet coast weather, but we start out without rain!

The highway is quite bumpy, the shoulder is non-existent for large portions, and the logging trucks keep on rollin by. I did find a rather tattered looking barbie doll in the bushes, and that may have been the highlight of this section.

Jenna got her first flat tire. Conveniently a couple miles before we arrived at camp, so we were maybe a little hangry. Didn't take long to change and we were back on our way.

As we rolled into camp we find our new Australian friends (Ester, Andy, and their daughters Tara and Hayley) They invite us to share their campsite right on the lake, feed us mushroom soup, and set up a vegemite tasting for us! People are amazing, and vegemite is delicious on crackers with butter!!

We ate lunch in the lodge while watching hummingbirds buzz around. The lodge had a beautiful fireplace and a lawn that looked over the lake.

We did a short hike to cascade falls up the Falls Creek Trail. It was lush and green and beautiful (and wet)! Luckily, we dried out by the lodge fire before going back to our campsite.

The sun came out for a bit and we decided to be brave and go for a swim! The water wasn't warm, but we've been in colder!
Our new friends made us hot chocolate which made it even nicer!
They also made us a spaghetti dinner with stir fry, and Jenna got to read bedtime stories to the youngest daughter.

We played a game of Splendor with Andy, and then we were off to bed early for another big day of riding tomorrow!

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