Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Day 17 - Bullards Beach to Humbug Mountain

Distance - 40 miles
Fun fact for you curious followers (hi Mom!) - we have eaten 1.5 lbs of beef jerky since our stop in Tillamook. A little less than 1 lb remains. We are still loving it.
Today is a cold, cloudy day! Just kidding. Well, it was for about an hour. Then the clouds just magically disappeared and we were left with glorious sun! The amount of sunscreen we use is unreal.
We cross over a little bridge into Brandon and are treated to a cute coastal town with beautiful ocean vistas and lots of rocks sticking out of the water (called haystacks, we think). We see lots of people wandering the beach, several with packs who look like they're hiking the Oregon Coast Trail.
We continue on through rolling hills and farmland. It still seems odd to us that the farmland is so close to the coast.
This morning we made a grave mistake. We had a small breakfast to prepare ourselves for the world famous Langlois Market Deli sandwiches. Yesterday we biked 18 miles to brunch and it seemed reasonable. Today it was not. Every hill separated us from the delicious sandwiches that awaited. The highway was also quite obnoxious with asphalt trucks and RVs which didn't help.

We finally, and I mean FINALLY, get to Langlois!

We are greeted at the deli counter by a cheerful young man who explains that all the pictures hung behind the counter represent the sandwiches, and that they've been there since before he was born! They also have a delicious homemade mustard that he urges us to try, and says the burgers are fresh from his cousin's farm next door. We order a burger and a pulled pork, and they do not disappoint! We debate ordering another one, but today we have some self control...
Ten miles later we roll in to Port Orford, the only open water port on the Oregon coast. Here we stock up on groceries and re-apply sunscreen yet again.
We decide to take a short detour to a state park to see some more haystacks. What we don't know is that the detour is a full mile straight uphill. The view was not worth it. However, the bakery we happen by on the way down is!! Ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies are amazing. I am never coming home. I guess the biking is pretty cool too!
Speaking of cool biking, as we leave Port Orford we are treated to stunning coastal views. They may be the best we have seen so far! We're disappointed that our campsite is nestled in a valley and not on the ocean.
We arrive at our campsite to discover it's beside a beautiful creek that flows out into the ocean, and even though it's tucked in a valley it's only a short walk to one of the most stunning beaches so far!
We are very spoiled. This coast is stunning!

Tomorrow is our last day in Oregon... California here we come!

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