Friday, June 14, 2019

Day 13 - Devil's Lake to Beverly Beach

Distance - 20 miles

Instead of taking full rest days and having some longer 60+ mile days, we're splitting the long days into two shorter days so we get to rest but don't get restless!

Today we woke up in a cloud! It was misty but not too cold, a perfect spring day.

We biked 10 miles out of Lincoln City to Depoe to the Depoe Baykery for breakfast (business card at bottom of post). The biking was mostly just trying not to get hit by houses (oversize loads). The bakery was definitely the highlight. Freshly baked donuts for breakfast are never a bad thing. We went back for seconds.

Biking through Depoe was awesome, the weather by this point has cleared and it's nice and sunny out. Depoe has one of the world's smallest navigable harbours, and is the closest harbour to the Pacific Ocean so there's lots of activity.  There's lots of whale watching tours run out of here. We saw lots of whale watching boats on our ride, but sadly no whales.

The ride from Depoe is a scenic route past Otter Rock (a giant rock out in the water) and Devil's Punchbowl (a giant hole in the rock in the coast, possibly from a collapsed sea cave). The riding was scenic and had really cool trees with green trunks from all the vines growing up them.

We arrive at Beverly beach campground in the early afternoon. Sadly the beach is too windy to enjoy, but we have a relaxing afternoon walking the nearby nature trails.

Now it's time for tea and card games as the mist rolls back in!

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