Saturday, June 15, 2019

Day 14 - Beverly Beach to Washburne

We woke early to another cloudy day, and some noisy campers next door. We make new friends as we pack up camp... An older gentleman we met the previous night who continues to tell us the same stories on repeat. He brings me a rock to inspect while his friend asks Chris for medical advice on his dog's paw. They're kind and have good intentions, but we eagerly pack our gear and head out on the road. Chris even changed my brake pads and added little time to our morning routine. No... The hills have not been scary and I have not been using my brakes loads. Okay, my brakes were a little worn to start and some of the downhills have been a little scary.

First stop was a detour to the lighthouse in Agate. The winds are strong this morning and we get blown around by the first cross wind of the day. The sun has come out in full force now!

We enter the town of Newport and find another cute little bakery for breakfast, the Panini Bakery. This city claims to be 'the friendliest', and our experience doesn't disappoint.
We continue towards the famed Newport bridge and are stopped by a lovely couple who tell us all about what's to come. Several others we meet today tell us everything from nearby restaurants and breweries not to miss to the weather forecast, and many caution us about the winding road at the end of our day.

We've biked over lots of bridges now, they have the best views, but usually very little shoulder. If you want to look around you'll probably bike right into traffic. Newport was par for the course.

We stop at many other pullouts, the coastline here is rocky and stunning with beaches all around.

We stop for lunch just before Yachats (did they just spell yacht wrong?). Look ma I'm not JUST eating donuts and ice cream!

In Yachats we offset our vegetables by hitting up the local fish n chip stand! Giant bottles of tartar sauce should always be a thing.

The last 10ish miles through Cape Perpetua is stunning. This coast is so beautiful. The road people warned us about wasnt even as bad as some of the sections we've been through and the hills were made much easier by the crazy tailwind we had. We could feel the wind pushing us up the hill. It was so windy at one point our shirts started blowing up our backs and we thought we may arrive at our campground shirtless!

The rolling hills to the campground were so much fun. Although the cross winds on the corners made riding unpredictable, the tailwind made us feel like we could fly. As we arrive at he campground for the night, we let out collective "WAAAA's" because we didnt want to stop biking.

We set up camp (oddly the only cyclists here on a Friday), hike some more nature trails, and prepare to get sandblasted through the land of dunes tomorrow!

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