Saturday, June 8, 2019

Day 6 - Lake Quinault to Westport

Today is overcast, but thankfully not raining as we pack up our tent.
We head out on our second longest ride in Washington - 63 miles from Quinault Lake to Westport.
Our guide book says the first 3/4 of today's ride is like yesterdays, and that's a bit concerning because yesterday was hard work.
By some miracle, we work our way between storms and get mostly sunshine for the first 20 miles to Humptulips. The rain starts to pour down just as we pull into the covered gas station, where we wait out the rain for a few minutes as we eat breakfast and put on our rain gear.

It's a good thing we put on our rain gear, because we didn't get rained on for the next 20 miles to Aberdeen! We were in tshirts by the time we got there - but we kept looking ahead thinking it was about to rain! We took a few side roads along the Wishkah River to get to Aberdeen, and it was beautiful!

We stopped at Safeway and successfully (or disgustingly) polished off a whole chicken in a matter of minutes. And grapes. And tomatoes. And cucumbers. And cookies. THE HUNGER IS SO REAL.

We set off again, wondering if we'll actually get rained on this afternoon.
We managed to only go through one breif rain shower and then we're back into sun to dry off. The scenery changed and it was clear we were headed back to the coast, the headwinds told us so!

We finally see a sign that says 1 mile to our campsite - hooray! And then the next rain storm hits. No idea where it came from, but we were in tshirts and it came like a wall! Luckily the headwind over the stunning Bay Bridge helped dry us off.

For dinner we dumped an entire container of cream cheese into pasta with a pack of spices, and it was almost as good as the whole chicken we had earlier.

We stayed at Twin Harbors campsite which was just a short walk from the ocean and dunes! Definitely a different coastline than we are used to!

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