Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Day 10 - Fort Stevens to Nehalem Bay

Hellooo Oregon!
My are you ever hot and hilly ;)

Our first full day in Oregon starts with a trip to Walmart to get fuel. So much excitement!

We then head into Fort Clatsop and Lewis and Clark National Park! We take a short unitentional detour into the ranger station before we find our way.

The morning is a beautiful ride through farmers fields, with lots of pretty ponies! Can I have one? We also spot a coyote stalking something in the grasses.

The hills are rolling. We shoot out onto the promenade in Seaside where we eat breakfast and watch people play beach volleyball.

It's a short 8 miles into Cannon Beach, which should be our lunch stop, but we're both rather full from breakfast still. We stop at the market to pick up a few snacks for later and accidentally end up in the local candy shop. One ice cream cone, one gingerale, and a large bag of saltwater taffy and we've found ourselves the perfect lunch! So much for not being hungry....

We haul ourselves over the two final climbs with amazing ocean views and a rather long feeling uphill tunnel before arriving in Manzanita. We stop for dinner groceries, and bike a bit further to our camp for the night - Nehalem Bay.

We walk out to the beach to get sandblasted by the wind and watch some kite surfers, then wander out to peaceful Nehalem Bay where people are riding horses along the waterfront.


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