Saturday, June 8, 2019

Day 7 - Westport to Bruceport

We wake up to sunshine and pack up our tent dry!!! We are so lucky. Then we spent 15 minutes hiding under a tree waiting for a rain shower to pass.
Will this be the day we finally get poured on?!

Today's ride starts down the coast and is relatively flat. We pass a few nice campgrounds and lots of little touristy shops. Maybe not your typical tourist shops, these ones were loaded with everything you could think of and had so many signs out front it was impossible to tell what they were actually selling! Not sure if you want lawn art, ice cream, kettle corn, or a kettle?! They have it all! We were too afraid to stop.

We rode through Grayland Campground and ate our breakfast there. Once again, another beautiful spot! Also have we mentioned Peanut Butter is the new hot sauce? We put that shit on everything!

The rest of the ride to the town of Raymond is oceanside and stunning! We can see across the bay to where we will be camping tonight, and it doesn't exactly look dry over there. We arrive in Raymond and have lunch at a local diner. This is where the rain starts and doesn't stop.
We hit a grocery store in South Bend, and hang out in McDonald's to wait out the worst of the rain. I ordered a stroop waffle mcflurry with extra stroop and it was about the best think ever! Who said rainy days aren't for ice cream? They are wrong!
As I'm sitting there with my icecream, a gentleman comes up and gives me $20. He says he's been touring a ton of places, and to use it to get our next meal! People are amazing!

We get a break in the rain and go for it - it's only 10 miles to camp. The break doesn't last long. We finally get what we've been avoiding for days. Rain, rain, rain!!! There's a really nice biking path out of South Bend, I'm sure it would be even more stunning in the sunshine.
We passed a catamaran sales place, and almost bought one to sail back home in!

We make it to our campsite soaking wet. We thought since it was a weekend the place would be busy - but the weather helped keep people away!

The camp caretaker is wonderful and let's us set up under the group shelter, so we have a dry place to set up and hang our gear!

A reflection on week 1 as we sit snuggled in the tent surrounded by warm happy down fluffiness:
-Bike touring is wild and incredible.
-Roadkill is identifiable 75 percent of the time.
-Please send food.
-People are so amazing there isn't a word or feeling to describe it.

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