Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Day 2 & 3 - Goats, Victoria and Port Angeles

Day 2 - Touring Victoria
Today starts a little later than yesterday, as Chris heads off to volunteer in the med tent at Ironman at 4 am.
My cousin, Liz, and I head out to take on Victoria. Our first stop is the petting zoo, where we watch the goat stampede and spend some quality time petting the 34 baby goats!! I want one.
We reluctantly leave the goats for an oceanside wander, and end up at Fisherman's Warf for some delicious fish tacos. From there we wander through downtown and head towards a local icrecream shop, Cold Comfort, known for it's giant ice cream sandwiches made from local ingredients.
I can't decide on a flavour so I get an adventure box - which is really just little bits and pieces of each flavour. The best is a beer flavoured one made with beer from a local brewery - Hony. I'm not a beer drinker, but it tasted like a combination of icecream sandwich and freshly made donut and it was amazing!!! I will definitely be coming back for more!

Boarding the ferry in Victoria harbour.
Day 3 - Victoria to Port Angeles to Fairholme
Distance 51mi

We finally started the day at a reasonable time!

The morning included packing our gear, lingering in the warm shower a little extra (who knows when our next will be), and going for fresh bagels at Mount Royal Bagels. Definitely recommend the whole wheat cinnamon with plain cream cheese, or go for the honey vanilla cream cheese for a cinnamon roll-like treat. Next we headed down to the ferry terminal in Victoria harbour and since we were early we grabbed a tea and sat in the sun across the road at the Courtyard Cafe.

The ferry was mostly full of Ironman athletes heading back home, and a few other people with loaded touring bikes. 
As we approached Port Angeles, we could see the flags flying like crazy and the people on deck were getting whipped around by the wind.

We stopped at the natural food store two blocks from the ferry and got delicious sandwiches while trying not to be blown over by the wind. At 1:30 we set off from Port Angeles into the most ridiculous headwind I've ever biked in. I kept asking Chris if we were going backwards. Luckily, the Olympic discovery trail is absolutely beautiful, and the sun was shining - so there really wasn't much to complain about.

Sixteen miles in we hit the small town of Joyce and stocked up on some candy to power us through the wind!
After a steady climb we reached crescent lake and were treated to beautiful blue water and green mossy trees. It was so amazing!!! We may never come home...

We continued along the lake and hit the first of two paving projects. They tossed our bikes in the back of the truck and we got a complimentary shuttle to the other side! We continued alongside the lake - there was a guardrail and very little shoulder but the traffic was light on a Monday afternoon. The water is a beautiful blue green and it's hard to bike straight because we can't keep pur eyes off it.
After another vehicle escort through the second project and we arrived at Fairholme campground. It had campsites right on the water, and the wind calmed nicely so people are peacefully canoeing on the lake.

Can't wait to see what else is down the coast! Today did not disappoint!

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