Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bagel Chase 2014 - The End

The Bagel Chase officially ended on Friday at 8pm, and although we started the week off really strong it was only a matter of time before we were knocked off the podium. Because, apparently, you can't run all day, everyday and expect to get anything else done. It just doesn't happen! This became quite evident when the dishes were piling up and running clothes started amassing on the bedroom floor.
So Thursday and Friday didn't see a single lap added for either Jenna or I! Impressive though was the fact that Jenna only did two laps after Sunday and still managed to hang on to a podium spot for so long!

My 40 laps for the week and my day total of 16 laps were both obliterated by Craig who took off work on Wednesday to do 17 laps. Ok, ok, I'm still a little bitter, but it is really impressive that he averaged a marathon a day over the week! That sort of record will stand for a while, or until someone crazy enough breaks it next year... hmm I wonder if I can take time off in February next year?

Jenna ended up with 26 laps for the week, and we are still waiting on the results of the one-day totals to see if any of the ladies were able to pull off a 17 lap day. The RD says results will be up this week sometime, so stay tuned for updates.

We would like to send a huge thanks to all the volunteers and organizers, they did such a great job
The Trail Effect Blog loves Distance Runwearand were so supportive throughout the event! Also a big thanks to the sponsors for providing all the
The Trail Effect Blog loves Siegal's Bagels motivation to get us to go for such insane numbers of laps. Particularly thanks David's Tea since Jenna won one of their sampler packs as a draw prize, and Distance Runwear for providing the top prizes. And of course, we can't forget the amazing Siegal's Bagels for letting us take over their store for a week! If you've never been to Siegal's you need to go right now! Seriously. I don't care if you're reading this in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, you need to go! And since they're open 24 hours a day you have no excuse. Plus, their bagels make for amazing mid-run snacks, especially the Rosemary and Rock Salt bagels!!!

Run happy, eat a bagel!


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