Thursday, August 2, 2018

FatDog Course Change - Windy Joe/Frosty GPX

Due to the fires near Cathedral Park, Legs 1 and 2 of the FatDog120 have been removed and a 7th leg has been added up Windy Joe to the lookout for a little dog leg, then around Frosty Mountain. This changes the total distance of the race to 103miles with the start now from Bonnevier. This takes out the river crossing which is nice, but also removes a large portion of absolutely beautiful single track! :(

"Leg 7" around Windy Joe and Frosty Mountain.
The climb up Windy Joe to Frosty isn't terrible, it's well graded, half single track, half double track. The only place to really get lost is at a Y where the Pacific Crest Trails forks off to the left. Don't take this or you'll end up in Mexico in 6 months! Take the right fork. The descent down Frosty on the other hand is going to hurt since it's a pretty steep grade in places, but you'll be at the finish when you're done!

We previously posted gpx files of each leg, so for this year ignore legs 1 and 2, and instead add on the following gpx file of leg 7:

Leg 7 - Windy Joe + Frosty.gpx

Best of luck out there to all the racers! May the weather be ever in your favour!

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