Thursday, June 13, 2019

Day 12 - Cape Lookout to Devil's Lake

This morning we are woken up at 1 am to a raccoon pulling one of our pannier bags out from under the tent fly! There isn't any food in it, but I guess it still smelled tastey. I sent Chris out to investigate and we secured everything else, we faired much better than the hikers beside us!


True to his nature, today starts with a massive uphill climb right out of the campsite - one only someone as crazy as Chris can appreciate. The climbs will get bigger as we approach California, but this is one of the best so far.

We stop halfway up the hill to take pictures, and Chris receives several text messages from his family wishing him a happy birthday! I'd feel bad that I forgot, but he did too! What day is it? Where are we?

We continue on through dunes and pines forests that smell a lot like we're at home in the Okanagan, through farm land with loads of cows, then back along the ocean . On our way we see two of the most interesting roadkill so far, a porcupine and a possum? Are there possums here?

We stop at MegPies, an amazing bakery in Pacific City, and get donuts and rice krispy squares. We decide that's not enough food so we get some waffles too (and eggs and sausages and hash browns).

After a bit we head up another big winding hill. The hill is the old highway, and is a steady grade for several miles. It's serene and lush and beautiful, and crosses several small rivers and streams.
The ride down the other side is winding and fun... For Chris!! I was maybe a little heavy on the brakes.

Somewhere along the way I swallowed my first bug.. we figure one in 12 days isn't bad!

After setting up camp at Devil's Lake, we head into Lincoln City and pick up all the ingredients for a proper camping meal - hot dogs!!! The evening is spent roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.

At the camp we meet a couple from New Zealand who is doing the Oregon coast trail in between sections of the PCT. They are very inspiring! Maybe we'll go there next ;)

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