Friday, June 28, 2019

Day 27 - Stillwater Cove to Bodega Bay

Distance - 26 miles ...almost not a rest day?

We can sum up the riding in California with three simple words - cars, climbs, and corners!
Today there's a couple of bigger climbs, and then the rest of the day should be flat. We aren't sure what 'flat' means here, but we're pretty sure it includes rolling hills.

We wake up, pack up, eat breakfast with Matt and say goodbye as we head out. We're expecting a similar ride to the previous days, but California always seems to have a surprise for us.

As we pass through Fort Ross the clouds roll in and we're riding in a cool foggy wonderland with ocean cliffs next to us.
We head up the first climb and the views are unbelievable. We are above the clouds and it looks like we're in an airplane! We make it to the top, and as we descend we wind down around switchbacks, some of which have guardrails! It feels like we could fly off the edge of the world! I can't decide if the emotion I was feeling was pure joy or terror... It was so wild!

We climb and descend again into the small town of Jenner. We're already over halfway into today's ride, so we stop for a cup of tea next to the misty river. There are people swimming in it! Brrr.

We head up one last climb, not nearly as insane as the first ones! Then its five miles of California 'flat' - we were right it was definitely rolling! The highway here is so close to the cliffs that if you look down to appreciate the coastal view you could ride right off! There's also several places where the road has washed out and they've either fixed it or are working on it.
We stop to take in the view at a small pullout, and are surprised to find a sand bar completely lined with seals! There must have been over a hundred of them!
We arrive in Bodega Bay, set up camp, and wander the half mile into town for a late lunch. We find an amazing bbq joint (Ginochio's Kitchen) and get a large platter with pulled pork, brisket, sausage, ribs, and sourdough bread. It might just be the best meal we've had out here!

We wander back to the campsite for some flat happy time (reading and naps). It is a rest day, after all!

After having a small dinner, playing some games and chatting with the other cyclists in camp, we head to bed early in preparation for our last day before San Fran.

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