Sunday, June 16, 2019

Day 15 - Washburne to Winchester Bay

Distance - 43 miles

Okay, we will admit it. We are sore!

Today we started with an uphill right out of the campground and it wasn't so bad. We passed by the Hecata Head Lighthouse, and smelled one of America's largest sea lion cave on the way by. We were too early to catch the elevator down, but the smell from above was enough.

Then we entered the dunes! There were dune buggys and ATVs everywhere! We found ourselves wishing we were on those rather than our bikes today. Everything felt like it was uphill.

We stopped to check out Honeyman Campground, the second largest in the state. We hiked up a dune and watched people boarding down the sand. Maybe it's the Canadian in me... But I think I'd take snow over sand - the falling didn't look very fun. With snow you also don't have to clear sand out of your ears for days! There was a beautiful fresh water lake with people kayaking around it here too. We didn't stop for a swim, the wind was blowing a little cold today!

We stopped for lunch at the Dunes Day Use Area and looked out overtop the expanse of dunes. There were some hikers down below who we didn't envy, the sand was hot and wind was blowing hard!

We headed out towards our camp for the night and suffered up one final hill. The scenery switches from dunes to wooded forest with freshwater lakes and back. It reminds us of the BC/Washington coast.

Finally we arrive at the campground, set up our tent and crawl in for a quick nap.

Once rested we walk over to Umpqua Lighthouse and out to Winchester Bay for dinner, about 2 miles. The walk takes us past several campsites with no trees, where every site has a massive RV, a truck, and a dune buggy or ATV (or several). The wind is blowing so hard we aren't sure how camping there could be pleasant. We then walk past a site flying a flag that says vote Trump 2020 - Keep America Great. Perhaps that explains it.

On the walk back to camp we can see our breath! It doesn't feel that cold, but according to the campsite host it is colder than usual.

We hit the tent before 8pm, hoping for a good night sleep and an easier day tomorrow!

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