Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Day 4 - Fairholme to Kalaloch

Distance - 65 miles (Our longest riding day in Washington!)

Today started with five miles of uphill to get us warmed up, followed by an equal amount of down hill to cool us right back off. This was mostly nice highway with adequate shoulder, and a couple VERY narrow bridges. We then turned onto a deserted parallel road (Cooper Ranch/Mary Clark). We stopped at a trail head and invented our new favourite breakfast, we call it "peanut butter fondue".
After 9.9 miles (not 99 as Chris read the sign) we return to hwy 101, having seen only one car and three times as many rabbits on this lovely road!
Our next stop is Forks! As promised is a cute small town devoted to all things Twilight! On our short tour through the main streets we counted 7 stores/signs related to the series, including Bella's First Aid Pharmacy. We stopped to take an obligatory spork photo (sorry forks) and are invited into a free museum? which boasts the largest collection of outfits and props from the movies. We peeked in the door, but decided we best be on our way.
We stopped in at the visitor center on our way out of town and learned that Forks gets around 10ft of rainfall per year. CRAZY! We now feel very lucky to be biking in glorious sunshine.
After Forks we still have 35 miles to go. We're glad the sun is shining because we're headed uphill again and the head wind from yesterday isn't finished punishing us. We just keep telling ourselves 'at least it's not raining', and the highway is quite pretty!
We stop about two miles off the coast because our butts needed a break. We spent a couple minutes stretching, a few more shelling and eating pistachios, and reluctantly get head back into the wind.
We finally hit the coast!!!
Common phrases include the following:
Is this even Washington?
Did we take the right ferry?
It feels like we're in hawaii
There's something about the smell of the ocean that makes me happy.
See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me!
We've seen so much already we can go home now (our butts agree, our spirit of adventure does not).
Our campground at Kalaloch is on the ocean and beautiful. The people here are amazing and friendly, though most of them think we are insane for biking 60+ Miles today.
We are never coming home (sorry mom, sorry butt)
Though it is supposed to rain tomorrow....
We finish the night around a campfire feeling spoiled snacking on smores with the nicest Australian family we've ever met. They have two little girls and have been touring the states via RV for the last couple of months. They even forgave us for thinking they were New Zealanders!

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